News from Syria

8 1 2015
Proposed projects and funding requirementsMelkite Greek Catholic Patriarchate - Relief Committee
24 12 2014
Message of His Holiness to ME Christians
22 12 2014
Candle for Hope
2 6 2014
“Rebuild people and stones: restore souls and homes,” says Gregorios III, just back from Homs (Syria)
29 4 2014
Greek Catholic and Greek Orthodox Patriarchs visit Ma’alula Pascha 20 April 2014. After the liberation of Ma’alula from occupation by terrorist groups on Monday, 14 April 2014, Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch Gregorios III and Greek Orthodox Patriarch John X, Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Mario Zenari, together with a Syriac Orthodox bishop representing his Patriarch, Armenian Orthodox, Syriac Catholic and Greek Orthodox bishops, a church choir from Damascus, the Minister of Tourism, the Governor of Damascus Countryside, local shaykhs and members of the Syrian People’s Army and
19 4 2014
Damascus Old City: 60 children injured by shell-fire from criminal armed bands
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