Patriarch Youssef

President Hollande to Patriarch Gregorios III

10 8 2012

François Hollande to Gregorios III: “Only full and complete citizenshipin astate of lawwill bringEastern Christiansthe securityand prosperityto whichthey aspire.”

In a letter dated 19 July, the President of the French Republic, François Hollande, thanked Gregorios III, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, of Alexandriaand Jerusalem for his good wishes of 15 May last, the day after the French presidential election.

François Hollande expressed his determination to see“France continueto play an active rolein promoting peace in the Middle Eastso crucial to the peoples of the region…I shall also work tirelessly to enable Syria to regain civil peace and for thedreadful current violence to end, and move, I trust, through orderly political transitionto democracy supported by the international community.”

He added,“I am convinced that Eastern Christians have their role to play in the changes taking place in the Arab world and that only full and complete citizenship in a state of lawwill bring them the security and prosperity to which they aspire. In this context, France will ensure that the interests of Christian communities and all minoritiesare well preserved.”

The President of the French Republicwas pleased with the“contribution of Melkite Greek Catholics to [French] national life”and expressed his best wishes for the European Melkite Convention to be held at Aubazinein Corrèze from 1 to 4 November next.


With acknowledgment to L’Orient Le Jour 14 August 2012