Melkite Greek Catholic Church

International Dialogue Center - Liqaa

10 5 2011

The new building of “Liqaa” centre is twenty kilometers north of Beirut, close to Antelias city in Metn district. It covers around eight thousand square metres. Its architecture reflects the centre’s mission to a new generation and the concept of bridge-building across a divided world.

The centre is a part of “Patriarch Gregorios III complex” that contain the Patriarchal school and a church. The complex is located on a green hill covering thirty five thousand square meter of land with a spectacular view on the Mediterranean.

This centre grows out of a long tradition in the Melkite Greek Catholic Church of being a “Church without borders”. Its aim is to build bridges through cultural and religious dialogue across a divided world.

From a Christian perspective, we aim to be involved with:
• Working for Christian unity through ecumenical dialogue
• Deepening our understanding of Christianity through opening ourselves to others
• Studying Arab-Christian influence in education and society

From a socio-religious perspective, we aim to be involved with:
• Supporting the development of an educated, tolerant, open society through inter-faith dialogue
• Deepening our sense of belonging to Arab culture and society
• Educating people of different generations.
The center contains the following sectors:
• Centre for research and documentation
• Melkite library
• Museum of Melkite church
• Reception hall
• Theater
• Meeting rooms