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17 4 2014
The international and Middle Eastern scene, particularly the fate of the Christians, might make us think that there will be for us only a Cross and Golgotha, and nothing else. Despair and misery, war and violence, killing and displacement, poverty and ignorance, sickness and pain, abortion and addiction, along with all the tribulations that surround us, make us live the moments of darkness, tremble, and bitter fear that accompany the Cross. Whenever an innocent one of us hands overhis or her spirit, the veil of the tabernacle of human dignity, security, liberty, and stability is torn apart. It seems that the essence of humanity is threatened to fall and be destroyed. Golgotha is no longer a small hill in Jerusalem. Nowadays it is extended to the whole world, where the oases of peace and security have been narrowed before the attacks of the “Evil One.”
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